TV shows according to UA majors 


Picture it: It’s late at night and you’re sitting in your University of СѼƵ (UA) residence hall room with your roommate. You’re watching the season finale of the greatest TV show you have ever seen. Suddenly, your favorite character is killed, The credits roll. You and your roommate are stunned.

The next season will be back in two years, but what do you do until then? Find a new show to binge, of course.

You’re a mechanical engineering major, so you suggest “The Big Bang Theory” because you appreciate the show’s witty engineering jokes. Your roommate, a business management major, suggests “The Office” because of the way it cleverly skewers management styles and inter-office politics.

Why not watch both?

Below, UA presents 10 must-see TV shows to watch based on your major. 

Tv shows for majors - mr robot.jpg

1. Cyber Forensics: “Mr. Robot” 
Whether or not you have seen “Mr.Robot,” you can get a good idea of what the show is about just by looking at the title. The show focuses on a computer programming savant named Elliot. During the day, Elliot works as a cybersecurity engineer. At night, he is a serial hacker.  

Athough fictional, the show is rooted in its realism and depicts complex hacking events that could feasibly happen in the real world. Students studying cyber forensics in UA’s School of Disaster Science and Emergency Services and who have taken classes, such as Digital Forensics, Network Forensics or Ethical Hacking will undoubtedly have a blast brainstorming solutions to stop Elliot’s elaborate hacks.   

2. Physics: “The Big Bang Theory” 
This show appeals to a wide range of students. This sitcom is about a woman and the two brilliant but socially awkward physicists who live across the hall from each other. It’s witty and smart — even the title of the show refers to a physics concept. The ways in which in-depth physics concepts are broken down simply and with humor make it perfect for physics majors and their friends to watch together. 

3. Criminology and Criminal Justice: “Mindhunter” 
This thriller is set in the 1970s and follows an FBI agent and the founding of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. The stories of real-life criminals such as Edmund Kemper, Jerry Brudos, Richard Speck and Montie Rissell, are used to highlight the early days of criminal profiling. 

Students studying criminology and criminal justice will be interested in the show’s insights. Each episode showcases the psychology of criminals, which students may recall from different classes within the major, such as Sociology of Deviant Behavior, Criminal Procedure and Theory of Criminal Law. 

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4. Biomedical Science: “House” 
There may be no better show for a biomedical science major to watch as mad genius Dr. Gregory House and his team of doctors use their Sherlock Holmes-like sleuthing powers to solve medical mysteries.

The show’s extensive use of medical vocabulary and phenomena are sure to throw anyone for a loop, even the most experienced doctors. However, every episode of “House” is sure to have medical fact students most likely have not heard of before -- which can be used for discussion in biomedical science classes.   
5. Food and Environmental Nutrition: "The Bear"
One of the hottest shows on TV right now is the best show for food and environmental nutrition majors. “The Bear” is a dark comedy about a renowned chef who is on a mission to save his brother’s dying restaurant. 

The show highlights many different food styles. The wide ranges of style and unpredictability in the episodes will give any UA student in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences – and anyone who likes to eat -- a chance to experience the vastness of the culinary world. 

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6. Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EHMS): “Chernobyl”  
This highly acclaimed series is bound to put anyone, especially EHMS majors, at the edge of their seat. “Chernobyl” is set in the aftermath of the 1986 nuclear reactor explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in what is now known as Russia as scientists and government officials scrambled to contain the nuclear and political fallout.  

The show is a real-life case study of best and worst practices for environment and technical emergency planning. Students can apply their course knowledge from classes, such as Environmental Health and Safety, Crisis Leadership, Disaster Mitigation, Planning and Recovery. 

7. Journalism: “The Newsroom”  
The Newsroom revolves around a fictional cable news channel and its staff members as they navigate the challenges of reporting the news in a fast-paced media environment that includes corporate stumbling blocks and interpersonal entanglements. 
Watching The Newsroom will allow journalism majors to dive deep into these concepts and explore their implications in realistic fiction. 

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8. Earth Science: “Planet Earth Ⅱ” 
What better way is there to learn about our planet than by watching one of the top documentary series of recent years? “Planet Earth Ⅱ” explores the planet with visually stunning and revolutionary shot sequences. Each episode focuses on one natural element of our planet, from islands to grasslands, and concludes with the impact of cities. 

The show is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about Earth and is perfect for Earth science majors looking for high quality production and an optimal viewing experience that brings their studies to life.

9. Philosophy: “True Detective” 
Based on the title alone, “True Detective” might seem better suited for a criminology and criminal justice major. But this series has philosophy at its heart. Each season follows detectives who attempt to solve murders using unconventional methods, while also contending with personal issues.  

“True Detective” explores many philosophical concepts and focuses heavily on religion and its implications on the human psyche. UA offers multiple courses related to this matter, such as Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science and Religion, and Philosophy of World Religions, through which philosophy majors can further explore these concepts.

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10. Business Management: “The Office”  

This mockumentary that takes place in the regional branch office of a paper distribution company is always humorous but can be uncomfortable to watch because of the antics of Michael Scott, the lovably cringeworthy regional manager. Michael’s unconventional management style occasionally draws the attention and ire of the higher-ups, but he is also able to build strong relationships with and among the staff. Michael encourages creative thinking and creates a strong team – something business management students should strive to accomplish.